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Distressed Property?

In today’s housing market, many home buyers are  skeptical about the homes they purchase. Many buyers expect updated finishes, modern floor plans and breathtaking curb appeal. However, Brooks Property Solutions will buy homes in any condition. Whether your home needs foundation repairs, plumbing repairs, HVAC repairs, mold remediation, or other major repairs and fixes. We on the other hand, will consider purchasing it fast and for cash.

If your house is not in “retail” condition or if your house could be considered a “fixer-upper,” your house could qualify as an unattractive house. However, we buy properties in any condition. We purchase homes that need repairs, but also purchase properties that do not need any work done to them at all. If you are in a situation where you would like to sell your home fast, we have your solution . Whether your property is a not-so-pretty house or if you’re in a bad real estate situation, We can help.

Houses in disrepair or fixer-upper properties can be difficult to sell on the open market. There is only a small portion of home buyers that are interested in purchasing a home that needs repairs. Even then, most residential loan products are not available for houses that need many repairs. Also, if your property sits on the market for months, you may feel pressure to lower the price or to make repairs to improve the property’s condition. BPS provides quick solutions for homeowners looking to sell their houses and will offer a fair price for the property.


Experiencing Real Estate Issues?

Owning, maintaining and paying a mortgage on a home can require a substantial financial commitment. Any changes to a homeowner’s financial situation can lead to real estate issues that could impact financial health for years. In some cases, it may be wise to sell a property before negative equity builds up and before banks pursue foreclosure. Avoiding these real estate issues can save you stress, time and money.

BPS provides fast solutions for anyone who may be experiencing financial strain related to home ownership. Deferred maintenance, loss of income, unwieldy property taxes and other types of hefty ownership costs can pile up and place a lots of pressure on homeowners. If you see financial trouble coming your way, you probably should consider avoiding it by selling your house fast to Brooks Property Solutions. We will be sensitive to your situation and will provide you with solutions for your unique real estate issues.

Selling A House Due To Divorce

Selling your marital home due to divorce can be challenging, stressful and emotionally-charged. However, when it comes to one of the most valuable joint assets in a marriage, both individuals should approach the prospect of selling their house seriously. We help homeowners sell their house fast while being discreet and sensitive throughout the selling process.

Selling A House Due to Relocation

In some cases, a new job opportunity can take a homeowner far away from the home they’ve purchased. The stress of moving and starting a new job can be overwhelming enough without the added pressure of having to sell their current home. In these cases, many homeowners solicit help to sell their house. Additionally, homeowners may find a new home in a different state/country. Brooks Property Solutions can make a cash offer on your house within 24-48 hours and ease the transition to your new location by giving you less to worry about. 

Unwanted Rentals

Managing rental properties and being a landlord can be very difficult. Some people just don’t understand how hard this stuff really is. Additionally, if the property is vacant or requires repairs, rental properties can lead to income loss or negative cash flow. Rental property owners should take the time to evaluate the cash flow of your rental property and determine if it would be best to sell. Brooks Property Solutions provides landlords a quick and easy solution to sell their rental property and move on to another investment or to cash out their equity in the property.

There are many reasons to sell a rental property. From cashing in on the appreciated value of a property to cutting losses and expenses on a vacant property, rental owners often find themselves in situations where selling is the best option. We understand the complexities of rentals and can provide solutions for most rental owners. In fact, we even make offers on rental properties with tenants and will continue to honor their existing leases. For out-of-town owners, Brooks Property Solutions can also perform the transaction without having the owners travel into the city or state of the property. Our solutions are convenient and quick for sellers. With our experience in the industry, we can quickly navigate the process of purchasing rental properties and close in a timely fashion.


Avoid Foreclosure

Going through foreclosure is a stressful and potentially financially damaging process, but there are options to avoid it. Recently, due to the economic & real estate market, more and more homeowners are finding themselves facing difficult real estate issues. With the rise of mortgages, dropping home values, & an increase in unemployment, the foreclosure rate has increased and more pressure has been placed on homeowners. We have options for people asking themselves “How do I sell my house fast and avoid foreclosure?”

If you’re finding yourself facing the risk of foreclosure, you should be aware of the severe consequences. Some of the possible results of a foreclosure are: loss of equity in home, lawsuits from the bank, taxation on deficiencies, & large drops in your credit score. These could harm your financial stability & your chances at qualifying for mortgages or credit in the future. By acting quickly you can ensure that none of these harmful financial penalties are levied against you.

How Do I Stop Foreclosure?

In order to avoid or stop foreclosure, there is the option to sell your home to us. Pursuing this option before you acquire negative equity or end up upside down on your mortgage could help you avoid foreclosure issues. Additionally, some lenders are willing to stop foreclosure & give you time to sell. But you have to act fast to effectively stop foreclosure in Detroit or Michigan.

We are specialists in distressed properties and foreclosures and can expedite our purchase process to help you avoid foreclosure before it is too late. In most cases, we will extend you an offer on your home within 24-48 hours. We are well versed in difficult real estate issues & can help you avoid or stop foreclosure in Metro Detroit while you still have the chance to protect your credit. Also, rest assured that we are dedicated to providing ethical services and will offer you a fair price for your house whether it is distressed, in disrepair, or not.


We want to reduce your financial & potential foreclosure stress. If you’re looking to avoid or stop foreclosure in Metro Detroit, contact us for a free consultation.

Need to Sell An Inherited Property?

Brooks Property Solutions provides solutions for inheritors of Metro Detroit real estate. With all the maintenance and upkeep fees, taxes, and utility costs that come with inheriting a property, in some cases, selling quickly is the best solution for everyone involved. However, selling to a traditional buyer can be costly.

Costs associated with repairs, inspections and more can add up to thousands of dollars. Some homeowners may not be in a situation to allocate the money necessary for these fees. In these cases, Brooks Property Solutions could be the best decision for you and other beneficiaries of the property. If you think you can’t sell your house because of selling costs, Brooks Property Solutions can help make selling your inherited property easier than you may think.

We can pay all cash and close quickly to help you reduce your attorney’s fees, utilities, taxes, mortgage payments and other costs associated with the property. If Brooks Property Solutions purchases your property, you will also be able to avoid repairs or rehabs on the property and save the time and expense of a real estate agent. We will will buy the house AS-IS.

Below are some potential fees of carrying, maintaining and selling an inherited house or property:

  • Property Taxes

  • Insurance

  • Repairs

  • Utilities / Yard Maintenance

  • Inspections

  • Mortgage, Principal & Interest

Consider these costs when you are deciding to sell or keep an inherited property.

Brooks Property Solutions works with inheritors in a variety of situations. We provide solutions for inheritors with wills that are probated, wills that are not probated and heirs that have no will. These flexible solutions offer most inheritors the quick solutions they are looking for. We respond quickly and respect your time & your situation.

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